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The Foose™ Ford FD-100 has an amazing history that will soon span 3 generations. Originally the ‘56 Ford F-100 was owned by Chip’s father, Sam, but at age 13 Chip bought it from his father. It became Chip’s daily drive through high school and college. Then many years later Sam, using Chip’s drawings, completely rebuilt and customized the F-100. Soon it will be passed on to Chip’s son, Brock, when he is able to drive. At the age of 13, Chip started a 3-year rebuild of the truck he obtained from his father. It serviced him well through his school years and into his career. Then, a number of years later, not to be outdone by his son, Sam directed a massive rebuilding and customizing of the truck. Every panel on the truck has been redone in some way. The engine was replaced by a special Roush® racing engine, serial #1, and the wheels are a one of a kind design.

Revell RMX-4426 Foose '56 Ford F100

SKU: 031445044267
$25.95 Regular Price
$24.14Sale Price

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