In order to survive in the highly competitive pony car market, in 1970 Plymouth used the engine and spoilers of AAR (=All American Racers), whose powerful racing equipment was also permitted for road traffic. 

- V8 engine with "Six Pack" dual carburetors 
- Various chrome parts 
- Decal with various car license plates

Revell Germany '70 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda

  • The Revell Plymouth AAR 'Cuda is typical of modern Revell kits, a fun, straight forward build with good detail and well engineered. It captures the the subject well. There are a few things to pay attention to when building this kit:

    - follow the assembly sequence in the instructions. I didn't had to remove the aircleaner assembly from the engine to get the chassis to go into the body

    - carefully trim the windshield from the sprue. The register for the windshield is small and not paying attention to trimming will leave you without needed register to secure the windshield

    - the ends of the rear frame rails may need to be clearanced for the rear roll pan to fit correctly.

    - The lips on the fenders are molded too prominently. Thinning and sanding them makes a world of difference and the only flaw in an otherwise spectacularly molded body

    - glue the front air dams on before painting the body and detail after painting. There's no positive locators for them, saves potentially screwing up the paint with glue trying to install them after painting

    - be patient with the fog lamps under the front bumper. I recommend super glue as the lights only have pins that loosely nestle in notches in the front bumper. 

    Solid 8 out of 10