• 184 Parts
  • Long Wheelbase Station wagon
  • 7.63” Long
  • Multi-part six-cylinder engine
  • Right or left-hand driver versions can be built
  • Colored instruction manual
  • Waterslide Decals
  • Molded in white, clear and soft black tires.


The Land Rover series I, II, and III are off-road vehicles produced by the British manufacturer Rover Company. They have become an icon with its noticeable hood mounted spare tire. Series I was first produced by the Rover Company in 1948 as a cross between a utility vehicle and a tractor. It's distinctive shape came from the necessity to use a minimal amount of materials. It was the first 4-wheel drive vehicle with doors. The Series III which started production in 1971 became the most popular to date. By the end of the series in 1985 over 440,000 of this version had been produced.

Revell Land Rover Series III 109 Long Wheelbase Wagon