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71 Mustang Boss 351 Model Kit

 A must for car lovers and model enthusiasts

The 71 Mustang Boss 351 1:25 scale model kit is a detailed recreation of one of America's most legendary muscle cars. This plastic model kit offers a perfect way to experience the thrill and beauty of classic American cars


This model offers a variety of features that make it a rewarding and challenging tinkering experience. The multi-piece V8 engine and movable hood allow the modeler to view a detailed interior view of the engine. Various chrome parts, such as the grille and bumpers, give the model an authentic look.



  • Scale: 1:25 - realistic proportions and precise details
  • Part count: 120 - not too complex, but still challenging
  • V8 engine - detailed replica of the engine
  • Late version of the 1st generation Mustang - authentic look
  • Movable hood - allows detailed interior view of the engine
  • Various chrome parts - give the model an authentic look
  • Decal with various license plates - allows for customization
  • Pictorial, multilingual assembly instructions and decals - easy assembly and realistic look


Background information

The Mustang Boss 351 is a famous American muscle car that was first released in 1971. This model was the late version of the 1st generation Mustang and featured its powerful 5.8-liter Cleveland engine. With this model kit, modelers can build a detailed replica of the vehicle and showcase it in their collection. Assembling the model requires some model building experience, making it an ideal challenge for experienced modelers. With a length of 192 mm, a width of 76 mm and a height of 54 mm, this model is an impressive piece that will stand out in any collection.

Revell RMX-4512 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351

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