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Pontiac GTO Judge 1969 - Bring the era of muscle cars to life!

Dive into the golden era of muscle cars with our highly detailed model kit of the legendary 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge. This model captures the powerful elegance and iconic details of this historic vehicle in perfect 1:24 scale. With 63 precise parts, you can create an authentic replica that will delight novice and experienced modelers alike. The stunning dimensions of 213 mm long, 83 mm wide and 60 mm high give the model an impressive presence in any collection.


Our 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge model kit is perfect for model enthusiasts who have a passion for automotive history and authentic replicas. Not only is this model a tribute to an iconic vehicle, but it is also an excellent choice for enthusiasts of display cars, toys or collectibles.


Special Features:

  • Detailed 370-horsepower Ram Air IV 400-cubic-inch V8 engine: This precisely replicated engine is a feast for the eyes of any engine technology enthusiast.
  • Optional rear spoiler and factory Judge decals: Customize your model with the optional rear spoiler and choose from four different decal color schemes.
  • Ram Air Hood with Optional Tachometer: Add extra authenticity to your model with the detailed engine hood.
  • Detailed Rallye II wheels: each rim is a work of art in itself, perfectly capturing the muscle car aesthetic.
  • Choose standard or Hurst T-handle shifters: customize the interior detail to your preference.


Background information:

In 1969, Pontiac delivered the GTO Judge, an icon of the muscle car era. Inspired by the TV show "Laugh In," the Judge became the epitome of power and style. Originally envisioned as a more affordable option, it evolved into a high-end model with unique design elements. From the signature Judge emblems to the innovative Endura front bumper, the GTO Judge was a tribute to power and elegance on wheels.

Revell RMX-4530 '69 Pontiac GTO 2 in 1 Kit

SKU: 031445145308
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