Richard Petty's 1973 STP Dodge Charger is arguably one of his most iconic and recognizable cars aside from his 1970 Plymouth Superbird. Unlike previous attempts to capture this car in scale, Salvinos JR has nailed it. The body is incredibly accurate to a NASCAR Winston Cup 1973-1977 Dodge Charger. The kit also gives you many extra parts to recreate Richard's Charger as it would have appeared during different times in the season. The kit even includes parts to build the engine to represent the legendary 426 Hemi or the later used 358 c.i. Mopar small block. 


- 1/25 scale

- molded in white and clear with chrome plated parts

- plated parts plated in real chrome!

- 3 sets of wheels

- 426 Hemi or 358 Mopar Small Block engine building options

- fully detailed chassis with torsion bar front suspension and leaf spring rear suspension

- rubber tires


Salvinos Jr. Richard Petty 1973 Dodge Charger