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Still operational in the present day despite its having been introduced back in 1969, the Marder has proved a resilient and adaptable vehicle. This precision plastic model assembly kit recreates the 1977 vintage Marder 1A2 with MILAN anti-tank missile system. Aspects such as the light-footed suspension and turret with 20mm machine cannon are accurately recreated, as are the MILAN system, thermal night vision device and more! Modelers can choose to assemble the kit with open or closed engine hood and are sure to enjoy the added detail provided by accessories such as sleeping bags, nets and much more, as well as the full-body commander figure and a driver torso figure.

Tamiya TAM-35162 Marder 1A2 Combat Vehicle w/MILAN Missile System

SKU: 4950344078257
$26.95 Regular Price
$25.07Sale Price

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