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USS Massachusetts BB-59 Total Length: 207.3 m Full Width: 33.0 m Displacement: 37,970 tons South Dakota-class battleships will be built with only two as originally planned, and newer Iowa-class battleships will be built starting with the designation BB-59. The need for war necessitated production, so the BB-59 and BB-60 were rapidly built using the South Dakota-class design. This class of battleships is basically the same as the North Carolina class in every way, but there are still quite a few improvements, such as a shorter hull, only a chimney, new armor and underwater protection system, and so on. The shorter hull design later proved unsuccessful, especially limiting the placement of anti-aircraft guns in the superstructure. Due to the shortening of the length of the superstructure, the anti-aircraft gun could not play a good role in firepower. The twin 127 mm secondary guns were placed on decks 01 and 02, unlike the North Carolina class, which placed secondary guns on the main deck and deck 01. In any case, it was a class of excellent and effective battleships, and they did their mission in World War II excellently. As was the case with other warships of the same period, they were quickly overtaken by the dramatic changes of naval warfare and quickly ended their historical mission.
Product number 05761
Product name USS Massachusetts BB-59 battleship
Barcode 9580208057613
Product ratio 1:700
Product type Static Warship
Model size Length: 297.1mm Beam: 48.04mm
The total number of parts is 378pcs
Metal parts n/a
Etched part n/a
Film n/a
Resin part n/a
Total number of offset plates 10 sprues, upper hull, lower hull, deck, waterline plate and stand
Water patch paint BB-59 USS Massachusetts in 1944
Published 2009-11
More descriptions of "Hull
-One-piece slide-molded upper hull 
-Lower hull made from two-directional slide molds
-Sponsons are represented on lower hull by slide-mold 

Trumpeter TSM-5761 1/700 USS Massachusetts BB59 Battleship

SKU: 9580208057613
$36.95 Regular Price
$34.37Sale Price

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